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Seoksan Kim

To base, From base block question

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I made a"To Base" and "From Base"

My understanding is 

(1) data are calculated and write at "A"

(2) "From Base" block get the data from "A"

But if you see the below picture, "From Base A" has an default value "1"


How can I make it what I want?






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My understanding of 'Base' blocks is:


- if they are not activated externally 'To Base' writes its input at the end of simulation run, 'From Base' reads the value at the beginning of a simulation run

- if 'A' isn't defined in base context (see Variable Browser), the default value is used (first simulation run, after that the variable is defined automatically)

- in case of external activation you can exchange values at certain events.


In contrast 'Signal In' and 'Signal Out' exchange their values permanently.

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