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Cod generation error

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I am a beginner with SolidThinking embed 2017, I try to test the demo example " Measure chip temperature" (Embedded->example->Piccolo->Chip Temp on F28069).

So following the instructions given with this example I have an error when generating the code for the target, it appears in the DOS window: c:\sTEmbed2017\cg\link2000--display_error_number..., you can see the screen print of the DOS window in the attached file. So the .out file is not generated, 

Have you an idea how i can resolve this issue?

NB: - I have CCSv6 and the TI target is F28069M and it's proply connected to the PC   via the XDS100 class USB serial port

         - Windows 7 (64 bits)


Best regards


error  embed 2.png

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Hello Brahim,


It looks like Embed cannot open or locate the math.h header file. Can you please make sure that it is properly there and not corrupted in your TI code composer studio installation? It can be that you haven't properly installed CCS and haven't selected to install the C2000 compiler. The file for CCS7 is located in \ti\ccsv7\tools\compiler\ti-cgt-c2000_16.9.1.LTS\include. I believe it will be in an equivalent directory for CCS6. If it's not there or is corrupt please reinstall CCS and Embed.


Take a look at the installation process video here: http://learn.solidthinking.com/embed-videos/embed-ccs-software-installation/



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