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Input variables for Shape optimization

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Dear Altair support team, Mr. Rahul R.,


I am working on optimization the vehicle crash box,  I have some question about Hyperstudy / Hypermorph coupling for shape optimization.

As first figure below, I created 2 Shapes (yellow and green) by translating the handles in -X,+X direction to increase the taper angle.




In HyperStudy, I defined the model type as HyperMesh, while I am importing input variables from HyperMesh, they ask me to identify the lower and upper bound once (as second figure below).




In this study, I would like to have the design variables including crash box thickness, shape1 and shape 2.


1. I seperated the shape into 2 because I have no idear to handle with them, can there cause any problem further?

2. If I want to keep the handle distance (+10,-10 in x direction) which is defined in the HyperMesh, Should I set up the input variables as following?

Variable 1 (dv_1) Lower= 0, Nominal = 0, Upper = 10

Variable 2 (dv_2) Lower= 0, Nominal = 0, Upper = -10

Are there correct?


Thank you for your calification.

Best regards,




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1. I am not sure about the morphing method, which you opted to create two shape variable is good or not. It would be great if you can share model file for same. However, HyperStudy  will do optimization based on the shape variables.Is crash box model is symmetric?

2. You should not change the bounds for shape design variable. Bounds numbering which HyperStudy take for shape dv is mentioned in below post.


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Dear. Mr. Rahul R.

 I will share you the model, the model is symmetry. As you showed me the similar question previously, -1 mean they apply in the reverse direction but I do not prefer such kind of condition. Can I fill up the Lower bound as 0? 

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