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problem with reference frames and markers used to align applied loads in motionview

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We have a simple spring-mass system: two bodies attached by a spring. one

body is completely fixed and the other is free. they are initially in a

horizontal configuration. a shear force is applied to the free body

perpendicular to the length of the spring.

The problem is that we want the shear force to track along as the system

deforms so that the applied force is always perpendicular to the free end.

(much in the same way the velocity vector of a ball undergoing uniform

circular motion is always perpendicular to the radius vector)

We have tried adding a marker to the free end, selecting the reference as

the body's center of mass, giving the bodies rotational inertia, etc.

however, nothing seems to be able to "glue" or fix the initial

configuration of the free end so that we can ensure the applied force is

always perpendicular to the free end when we run the static equilibrium


Might you know of any way to accomplish this with markers? or anything else?

I have attached my simple motionview file that i've been experimenting with.

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