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Find and delete elements that fail validity check

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Thank you Pandurang and Vipin!


I am trying to delete tetra4 elements with aspect ratio above 10^5. But hypermesh is telling me that the aspect ratio some of those elements is 4.12 and will not create a mark on them for deletion. Optistruct will not start because there is a validity check fail due to aspect ratios above 10^5. How is that possible?


The code I am using is below;

*createmark elems 1 "all"

#does not find problems elements
set elems_ids2 [hm_getelemcheckelems 1 3 aspect above 100000]


It does not find the problem elements. Also I do not understand how to use "hm_getelementsqualityinfo 1 0 2;", it returns zeros each time.


Edit2: The problem was that I was looking at the wrong aspect ratio type.

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