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Solver Error when using result mapper

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I tried to use result mapper to map result from a forming into the next simulation, but i got this error. I use the same model for the forming and the next  simulation.



Could anyone explain whats wrong in my radioss file and how to solve this.


I attached the related files:

 - ballshot (sta) -> state file from forming simulation

- mappedballshot (sta) --> sta file generated using hypercrash result mapper

- rad 000 and 001 file

- out file


Thank you very much in advance.


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BHi saiful85,


Using the result mapper in Hypercrash (2017.2.4.) with the shared files gave similar results. Everything looks fine in HCrash until export:

-deformed shape is not exported 

-results are split into 4221 Tables (this is the probable reason for failure)


But I did manage to get the model working using Hypermesh with the procedure (starting from 100mps_10cycle_15hz_simpl_0000.rad):

-delete the Include files

-delete the Tables (all 4242 entries)

-import the solver deck ballshot_13082018_0011.sta file with FE overwrite ticked





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Thank you very much Ivan,


That works very well. 


But I'm still wondering why i cant use the result mapper to do this. I hope Altair people could clarify me on this.


Anyhow thank you very much.

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