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Unable to Save the Model nor the Session

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Hello Everyone.


I need an urgent HELP !!. I have read about deleting the Temp documents of Altair and i dont get any license errors. I have Student Licence.


I can work on the program no errors. I can save it once. Both the model and the session. Afterwards i cant save it again. I get those attached Errors. I checked every kind of security options. I dont know what to do.

Unable to Save01.JPG

Unable to Save02.JPG

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6 hours ago, Prakash Pagadala said:



Looks like you don't have permission to save the file.


Please check with your IT regarding permissions or try to save the same in a different drive/location and check if that helps.  

Hello Mr. Pagadala, 


Its my personal computer. I run the software as administrator as well. I checked every folder and file permission. I am using the student version at home. 


When i save it for the first time absolutely no problem. It saves the documents anywhere in any location but i cant change that saved file again. 

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