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Checking penetrations between parts

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another one question, pls!

i can't see element thickness.

i am doing optimization tutorial os 2020, but i haven't result "element thickness".


i have just had in my solution "base thickness".  and it doesn't change from iteration to iteration.


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i've got the answer from support team.


Hi, Marat!

I figured it out. Before clicking “Apply” in HyperView, you need to select the component “design”.

Otherwise, the component “nondesign” has element density 1 because its thickness was not changed during optimization.


The newer version of OptiStruct is not simply replacing the term “element thickness” with “element density”, but the definition of those two are different.

“Element density” means the percentage of material variation is used, so the upper bound of this result is always 1.

In this example, “1” means 0.3mm base thickness + 100%*0.7mm variation thickness = 1mm; “0.5” means 0.3mm base thickness + 50%*0.7mm variation thickness = 0.65mm


Two pictures below show the difference of plotting the contour with “design” component selected and not. They are the same result, and they look different because the color of nondesign component.





Yuhao He | Senior Project Engineer


yhe@altair.com | Yuhao's Secure FileDrop

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