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Error 9 in HW 2017 student edition

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Hello sir,


I was using Hyperworks student edition from Feb 2018 and it was working perfectly fine. But from last few days its showing Error 9 while launching.



I have gone through this forum and also checked the license file extension it looks okay.




The confusing thing is that in the license file Ethernet Id written is F430B98E1CAA. while by ipconfig/all, I couldn't find any host id which is written in the license file. Is it possible that ETHERNET HOST ID changes over time without changing any hardware of the ps, because it was working fine before with the same file in the same pc?



Also attached the license file and ipconfig text file with this.

Please help me....




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issue solved. Somehow the network adapter address was set different than the default. Now set it default and HW is working fine. 

Thanks for the quick response here.


way to change Network address


This PC > Properties > Device Manager > Network Adapters > Realtec (choose ethernet adapter) > Properties > Advanced > Network Adddress > Choose not present for default.



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