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Wind tunnel stops at 0.02%

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Hi to everyone,

firstly - to not annoy anyone from this forum, I have done and read all possible strains regarding this topic on this forum and nothing solves my issue.


The problem is really strange - after finishing all necessary steps regarding mesh creation in hypermesh I import my model to VWT and try to run a simulation. I am trying to make a simulation for 3 different car models. 1st is working without any problems, 2nd is stopping at 0.02%, 3rd one does the same as the 2nd. 3 meshes are done by me following the same steps in each way.

I am wondering if something might be wrong with the model made in CAD.

If anyone can help me in this matter would be great because I spent all the weekend fighting with my PC and finally turning with no results except 1st model that I already simulated.


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Would it be possible to upload the HM file you used for case 2 that does not go beyond 0.02%? It seems like a surface mesh problem. CAD would not be typically a problem, as we are importing mesh in VWT. Also make sure that you are using CFD (AcuSolve) Profile in HyperMesh for exporting. 

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