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FEKO VV, HH, VH, HV simulations

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Hi guys,

I want to learn to simulate the RCS for different polarisations, VV, HH, VH, HV. I understand the example stated out in the example guide - however, it does not explicitly state how to go about for the four polarisations.

How do we go about simulating the RCS for the four polarisations?



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Hi Nyasha


In CADFEKO define your plane wave. The important parameter is the Polarization angle (degrees).

This will either be 0 or 90. Select 0 for vertical and 90 for horizontal.


Request the far field in the plane wave incident direction (for monostatic RCS of course, for bistatic, set calculate as specified)



Then in POSTFEKO select the component of the far field to plot. Theta will be vertical and Phi will be horizontal.

So selecting 0 polarization in CADFEKO and Phi in POSTFEKO will be VH polarization.postfeko_Setup.png

The above will give 2 of the 4 different polarizations.


To simulate all 4 in a single model, define a 2nd configuration in CADFEKO where you set the plane wave polarization angle to the other of 0/90. You can rename the planewave, configuration and far field request for convenience to _H or _V or as preferred. You must also set in CADFEKO "Sources per configuration" by clicking on the Configuration settings icon just to the left of the + icon in the window below. This will allow you to set a different plane wave for each configuration.



Then in POSTFEKO you have to select the configuration's far field to plot - select either in the result palette on the right (click the Source dropdown) or from the results browser on the left.


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