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Beginning and ending of joints betwwen components

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Hi all,


I am creating a new script which detects joints between several components and identifies the start node and the end node. I show an example in the image below:




I am able to detect all joints with the *findmark command, but I don't know how to identify the node which "starts" or "ends" the joint. The start/end nodes are those which have temp nodes in the image.

Can anyone help me to do this? Any suggestion?


Thanks in advance,


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Hi vipin,


I think that could work but I forget to say another restriction. I show it in the image below:




Is there any possibility to specify a "break angle" which allows to put more temp nodes, like in the image?

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Can you try with the features(command is *features_advanced) option in tools menu?

It will provide you with plot elements along the features based on break angle. Then you can try some logics with the plot elements.



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If you don't find an "hm_" command to get these vertices:

*features_advanced  (as vipin suggestion)

*createmark elems 1 "by comp name" ^feature

set NodeList [join [hm_getvalue elems mark=1 dataname=nodes]]

array set Count {}

set Vertices {}

foreach NodeId $NodeList {

   if {[incr Count($NodeId)]>2} {lappend Vertices $NodeId}


puts $Vertices



Before version 13 we don't have command "hm_getvalue", so looping through each element by tcl and get its nodes is quite long. at that time, to query such data i had to use an hm template to fasten script.

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