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STL file to 3D mesh

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I have a model in the form of STL file format. I have imported STL file in HyperMesh. but there are components which are intersecting with each other.  

I cannot change the shape of the component and being STL file there is no geometry.

Is there any way to remove intersecting parts?

and convert stl to 3d mesh for FEA simulation?


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Hi Guest2


I think you can edit this mesh to avoid intersection and create a closed volume for 3D mesh.


You can also create geometry from stl by using Geom > surfaces from FE and select the highest complexity in this panel > select the elements to create surfaces from STL, hence you can create geometry from stl.


To directly solid mesh your STL use ShrinkWrap
You can achieve a good tetramesh for all purposes, using the Shrink Wrap panel. The shrink wrap can generally be used as a quick mechanism to generate solid meshes.

1. Go to 2D > Shrink Wrap panel.
2. Here there is an option generate solid mesh – this will produce an all-hexa or all-tetra mesh based on the selected elements or geometry.
3. Make sure the generate solid mesh checkbox is active
4. This will expose a tet collapse input, please try several input values depending on your quality requirements.


You can also refer these forum posts to convert stl to 3D mesh.



Hope this helps..

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On 7/23/2019 at 8:06 AM, mk3947 said:

You should repair the error in the model. if you want to use it for  FEA simulation, there should be no any errors. If you just want to 3d print it, some errors are no problem.
You can try Magics software. It can be used to do that. 
how to repair stl models


yes I am using it for FEA only, not for 3D printing.

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On 8/14/2019 at 5:06 PM, Q.Nguyen-Dai said:

Keep in your mind that not every STL file could be used for FEA. STL is used firstly for surface presentation, not for FEA.


Yes, I am aware of this. But for my analysis, I have to use STL only. I have converted 2D surface mesh into 3D using hypermesh

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