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Intersection Command Error

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I try to create two nodes through intersection of a line and a solid. When the solid lies in the planes XY, XZ or XY there is no problem but when the solid is rotated for example 30 degrees then only one node is created. I tried to explain with pictures. Do you know how to solve the problem?






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Hello Premanand,


Thank you for your answer, but when I tried from different view angles still 1 node created only. 


On the other hand, I am working on a script so the viewing direction does not really matter for me.


Thank you

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I use the following commands to search for interactions for each surface but this gives and error when I call from a tcl file.


*createmark surfs 1 "all"
set surflist [hm_getmark surfs 1]
foreach surfid $surflist {
*createmark lines 1 1
eval *createmark surfs 2 $surfid
*nodecreateatintersection lines 1 surfaces 2 0


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