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How to select a set of nodes on a vector defined by N1, N2, N3 and basepoint?

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If N1 is 100(node id)/ N2 is 101(node id)/ N3 is 102(node id).... Basepoint is "userdefined", tolerance 0.1 / normal to plane

how to write a code to select a list of nodes falling on the defined vector?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi sathish,
you can use 'on plane' option in *createmark.
for example if you have base coordinates and vector normals,
*createmark nodes 1 "on plane" $baseX $baseY $baseZ $normalX $normalY $normalZ 0.1 0 0
hm_getmark nodes 1
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Hi Vipin,

Thanks for the reply!

I have came through this "on plane" option. But the problem is I have the input N1, N2, N3 and basepoint only. Can you help me with the codes for extracting base coordinates and vector normals from the input?



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Hi Sathish,


you can find a proc for vector normals from 3 nodes in following thread:


use the proc to find vector normals:


set vecNormals [NormalFrmPlane $N1 $N2 $N3]

set baseCords [lindex [hm_nodevalue $baseNode] 0]

substitute these values in *createmark command :)

*createmark nodes 1 "on plane" {*}$baseCords {*}$vecNormals 0.1 0 0

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