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Non-Linear Viscoelatic Material in HM - Simulation

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Looks like you have an older version that does not yet support law69. 


You can use law 36, which is compatible with 2D elements and allows stress-strain input. Note that the work-hardening portion of the stress-strain curve is used (for example, plastic strain vs. stress). Given that your material stress-strain curve does not exactly have a linear slope you can try this workaround:

-approximate the stress-strain as linear until yield strain with elastic modulus and prescribe plastic stress-strain with a modified curve. See attached example where yield stress was defined @ 0.002. 


You can also use the MATS1 and TABLED1 combination and run a non-linear analysis in OptiStruct (refer to OS-E: 0110 Elastic-Plastic Large Displacement Analysis).

7. Versuch_edit4.hm

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On 11/23/2018 at 3:02 PM, Samorit said:

Hi Ivan, 


i checked the RADIOSS Help before but there is no comment that explain how to import a stress-strain curve and how to combine it with the material law. 


Now im so far, that i generate a curve with the relevant points. But now i need to connect this curve with my material /component. 

Is there any way to do this ? 


the curve looks like


real curve:



generated curve:



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OptiStruct 2019.1 supports viscoelastic material.

Viscoelastic material

Viscoelastic material through the MATVE Bulk Data Entry is supported for Small Displacement Nonlinear Analysis. Currently, CHEXA, CTETRA, CPENTA, and CPYRA elements are supported. Viscoelastic material can be activated by using the VISCO Subcase and Bulk Entries.

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