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Composite Fiberorientation

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i like to simulate a tensile test of an UD FRP in HyperCrash.

Therefore i use BRICK elements, the material LAW25 and the propterty TYPE6.

To model the 90° fiber direction (perpendicular to the velocity boundary condition) i made a skew (to see in the bottom right corner of the pictures 2 and 3) and used it in the property type 6 to define the orthotropic direction (to see in picture 1).

Now the RST vectors (what are these?) dont have the right and uniform orientation (to see in the pictures 2 and 3)

How do i define a 90° fiber direction?

Thank you very much!






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like I said in the other topic about RST vectors- it is a local element orientation system. I do not know if it can be edited in Hypercrash. In Hypermesh it is simple for 2D: 2D>composites>material orientation. I do not know how it is done for 3D.


But I think the skew in type 6 property overrides local element orientation. There was a similar discussion:

I suggest setting up a simplified model with strong anisotropy to check the effects of different orientations.

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