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Hyperview - Get list of components and ids

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Hello! I am a new to TCL scripting to work with Hyperworks tools. I need a TCL script for Hyperview that will read and write all the component names and their respective ids. Writing it to the clipboard for pasting or writing to a csv/excel file would be most helpful.


Thanks ahead of time!

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It's fairly direct. 

hwi OpenStack
hwi GetSessionHandle session1
session1 GetProjectHandle project1
project1 GetPageHandle page1 1
page1 GetWindowHandle win1 1
win1 GetClientHandle anim
anim GetModelHandle my_model [anim GetActiveModel]
my_model GetQueryCtrlHandle my_query
set set_id [my_model AddSelectionSet component]
my_model GetSelectionSetHandle comp_set $set_id
# Select all Components
comp_set Add "All"
my_query SetSelectionSet $set_id
# ask for ids and component name
my_query SetQuery "component.id component.name"
my_query WriteData D:/out.csv
# clean up
my_model RemoveSelectionSet $set_id
hwi CloseStack


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Can some would suggest me script for read and write all the subcase names and their respective ids, for now to get all subcases names, I am using-

hwi GetSessionHandle mySessionName

mySessionName GetDataFileHandle myDataFile $op2File
set subcase_list [myDataFile GetSubcaseList] 
puts "subcase_list $subcase_list"


can some suggest script or code to find all Subcases ids with minimal changes in above.

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