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creating a report for Hyperview

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I have created a report for hyperview in which two files and 4 nodes are requested. This is for make it easier to calculate stiffness, but when I load the report, I got an error about the nodes are not found.

here is the how I defined the report template (I will omit not important information)

*DefineReport(360-12mm-freq-stiff, GRAPHIC_FILE_1, RESULT_FILE_1,NODE_BEND_1, NODE_BEND_2, NODE_TORS_1, NODE_TORS_2)

*Id("HyperWorks", "8.*", "Report")

*Parameter(GRAPHIC_FILE_1, GRAPHIC_FILE_1, FILENAME, "*.h3d", "")

*Parameter(RESULT_FILE_1, RESULT_FILE_1, FILENAME, "*.h3d", "")

*Parameter(NODE_BEND_1, "Node 1 for Bending", INTEGER,442313)

*Parameter(NODE_BEND_2, "Node 2 for Bending", INTEGER,442314)

*Parameter(NODE_TORS_1, "Node 1 for Torsion", INTEGER,442307)

and then, to create a note attached to any of the requested nodes in the report template:

*BeginNote(On, "Note 2")



*NodeLocator(1, "Global",NODE_TORS_1, "Global", 105)

*Position(0.17163, 0.81337)

*Text("{entity.contour_val} mm")

*Text("{entity.label} {entity.id}")

*Font("Arial", "regular", "regular", 12)




*NoteAnchor(None, None)



but when I load hit apply in the report definition, I get the following error

5 Warning: Could not find a valid Node 0.

6 Warning: Could not find a valid Node 0.

7 Warning: Could not find a valid Node 0.

8 Warning: Could not find a valid Node 0

any help will be appreciated

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I had some similar problems in the past using node numbers as parameters. In some cases, for large IDs, HyperView would store the number in exponential format, which would confuse its use later when an integer was expected.

What worked for me was changing the parameter to a string for input, and then forcing it to pull the value as integer in the report template:

*Parameter(NODE_TORS_1, "Node 1 for Torsion", STRING,442307)


*NodeLocator(1, "Global",convert(NODE_TORS_1,"%.0f"), "Global", 105)

Hopefully that will help!


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