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Eigenvector/ characteristic vector

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Is there any possibility to export the eigenvector/characteristic vector from hyperview? i only find the principal values but not the directions of it. Thanks for your help

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Hi Niklas


You can export eigen value and eigen vector individually using HV query panel.

But if you want to consider the effect of modal analysis for Modal frf case then EIGVSAVE and EIGRETRIEVE option listed in subcase section would help you.

Check OptiStruct user guide for the detailed information.




Check the vector option in HyperView also to see the direction of the vector











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Thank you,

but in my case there´s no subcase section or i just cant find it.

The exact problem i have is that i need to export the pricipal stress with their directions for a crash model, do you know how i could do that ?

Because, with the quervy panel i can only export the value of the pricipals but not the direction

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