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Jason S

Licensing for Altair Embed Basic

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I can't find the detailed licensing information for Altair Embed Basic.

The page https://solidthinking.com/product/embed/pricing/ says "Recommended for academics, hobbyists and hackers" and the Professional edition says "Recommended for commercial application". The press release for the Basic edition says "Introducing Basic Editions of its MBD suite of software products – Altair Compose™, Altair Activate™, and Altair Embed™ – available to everybody at no cost, with free training videos available online via Altair’s open Learning Center.  There are no license fees, nor any subscription or maintenance fees." (my underlining emphasis)


I am an engineer at a company. Aside from the "recommended" issue, can I use Altair Embed Basic at my job? Or does the licensing prohibit the Basic editions from any commercial use (e.g. design/verification work internal to a for-profit company, whether or not that work is used to help produce for-profit products or services)

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Hi Jason S.,

Yes, Altair Embed Basic can be used  for professional applications at your job. 




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