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Script to Compare Geometry Files

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Hello all,


I'm trying to write a code to compare the geometries of two different files.

I'm able to put both files together, where the reference has its components with a modified name like COMPNAME_REF (added "_REF" to the name).

This way I'm able to match the names of the components, which should be the same leaving apart the modification applied in the name.

From there my intention was to compare the matched geometries' position, orientation and volume/surface area to check for alterations.

To do so, I'm using the following functions: hm_getcentroid, hm_getvolumeofsolids


However, some components present errors when trying to get their centroid or volume, giving me messages like: 


hm_getcentroid: bad geometry found.


hm_getvolumeofsolid:  calculation failure.


But the solids do not have any visible mistake.

What could be causing this?




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