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small printed monopole antenna simulation

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 I am trying to simulate a small printed monopole antenna of a reference paper in FEKO. But I never get the same result as that paper. I don"t know why. Could someone help me how to simulate this antenna in FEKO. Attached, I put two FEKO codes (one with wire excitation and the other with edge port excitation) and the reference paper. Thanking in anticipation!


printedmonopole without parasitic.cfx


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Hi zml


In addition to Torben's comments above, it is recommended to not have the Edge port electrically too wide. I would suggest implementation the feed across a thinner edge as in the following image. You will also notice that the feed sections are lifted off the substrate.



While this should improve the Feko model, even this does not appear to replicate the results from the paper.

I suspect that the HFSS simulation used some modal excitation that impresses the required microstrip mode. As an equivalent option is not available in Feko, the best approach would be to try to replicate the measured result by including an SMA connector in your Feko model. This could then be excited with a (coaxial) Waveguide port or a (Finite Element Method) FEM Modal port.


Some example are shown below. You might have to contact the authors for information on how the SMA connector was physically connected to the antenna for the measurement. If you replicate exactly that in Feko, we would expect a good agreement between our Feko model and the measurement.





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