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(Solved) Error occurs executing AcuProbe.bat

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Hi guys,


i am doing a CFD simulation using HyperMesh-AcuSolve.


When the solve is running, about step-40. the AcuTail display a message error as below: 

acuSolve: *** ASSERTION in Function <lesGmres> File <lesGmres.c> Line <1379>
acuSolve: *** Error from fLesGetHbrgEig <10>
acuRun: *** ERROR: error occurred executing acuProbe".bat


The model file is attached

please help me to fix it. 
Thank in advandce!


P/s: when i change the eddy viscosity to a larger number, the solver ran completely at time-step 100. 
but the result seems not right.




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Please attach the two input (.inp) files - the first where you get the error, and the second where it runs but you don't like the solution - along with the two complete .Log files.  It's quite likely the issues are caused by the very coarse mesh in the model.  You probably need finer volume and surface mesh, thinner first boundary layer element (so more layers) and better resolution in the wake regions of the buildings.

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