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James Kim

Bell Crank Structure

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Hello, I'm James Kim.  


I have a trouble with putting my bell crank into hyperworks.


with line mesh wishbone, rigid (appropriate DOF setting for the situation), I make a realization of Bell Crank on hyperworks. 


When I click the 'Optistruct', it has occur the problem.  I think problem is rigid with no element like pic(bellhyper2).


I have no idea about how to make it looks like CATIA modeling.  


How can I construct an object that is moving in one axis direction?




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In this analysis, I'll constrain one part and apply force to the other in the vehicle.

and then I want to model t he bell crank to function properly in the direction of motion.



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Thanks for sharing images. So you want to perform simple static analysis. Use beam element instead of CROD element. Generally orientation of beam element creates problem for this type structures. Please share .fem and .out file of the OptiStruct run.

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Actually, I did not reach the OptiStruct, so I just share the file about modeling.


and I have a another problem about missing surface.



This image is the modeling file on CATIA and there is no empty betweent the surfaces.




and this image is the imported file on Hypermesh and there is empty space between the surfacesl.

I can't select the surface for meshing.

How can I solve this problem?

If there is a empty space, I'm worried the result is expected to be different from normal. 

I shared you my files,  can you help me with these two situations?




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Hi @James Kim


to repair surface geometry please use the Geom>edge edit>replace, specify proper tolerance and zoom in sufficiently to pick both free edges. This can also be done with toggle (in the same panel), but does not provide the same control.



Or you can repair after meshing by equivalence nodes (shift+F3):




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Thank you Ivan, I can solve the problem about surface 


to Rahul R, Where can I check my filedrop to you? I lost my file all of them... TT

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Thank you for your kindness..


Can I ask you again that the first question I asked is not solved yet.


For simulating same situation on CATIA model, I don't know exactly how to set dof of RBE2.


There is travel and stress following the Force in the condition of constraints.


If you know how to set this situation, can you give any advice?


I sent you hm file to secure file dropbox. 


CAT model


Condition of modeling on HYPERMESH


Condition of modeling on HYPERMESH


Condition of constraints on CATIA



Before force on CATIA



After force on CATIA


Before force on HYPERMESH


After force on HYPERMESH


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