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"Create RBE2 Spider" tab not active in Motionview student version 2017.2

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I am trying to create a flexible lower control arm using the FlexPrep utility tool in 2017.2 student version. I am facing the following issues:


1. "Create RBE2 Spider" tab not active, hence I am not able to switch to HyperMesh to create a RBE2 spider whose center is one of the interface nodes. 

2. As a workaround, I manually created the RBE2 spider in OptiStruct and exported the solver deck as a *.fem file. When I try to use this file for creating a flexbody. I am getting an error. 


I have pasted a snapshot of the flex prep utility and the error message when I try to generate the flexbody below. I have also attached the *.fem file and *.out file







Please take a look and let me know how this issue can be resolved. 






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Hello Sushanth,

The issue with the Tab is probably a limitation in the Student Version.

Your workaround is correct. But you didn't assign any property/material to the flex body component, that is why you got an error.


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