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What is the best System required for HM

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Dear team. 

First i want to wish you all happy and get well.

We are going to build a Strong PC to run HM but im so confused with the informations on "HM help system required".

So what are the best recommend systems for running HM ?.

CPU  : Threadripper Or Xeon E5, E5 x2 or Ryzen7 . 

VGA : Quadro 2000-4000, Firepro WX  or GTX 1080Ti?
Ram : 16 Gb is usefull or we need to upgrade to 32GB ? 

Which informations about systems we should consider about ? CPU, VGA ?

Best regard.

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On 1/11/2019 at 12:46 PM, Q.Nguyen-Dai said:

About CPU you can work with Xeon or i7/i9 for workstation. Hypermesh can not run all core in parallel, so you not need too much core for this.

Thanks QNguyen. Please contact me  ngduyhaichau.mx@gmail.com. i need a lot of your help.

I have some issues on My PC qhen i up to Threadripper 1950X and Vega 64, 32GB ram , when i run on it,  it just use 8-24% usually it run on 10 % of CPU even i set the NCPU to 16, 

the GPU seem doesnt work too, cause i dont see Fan run , i checked on Task manager too and it just use 1-2% GPU strenght. 

Do i have setting or apply code for it ? or install  setting drivers ... ?

I run it on inspire and inspired extrusion. 

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Dear collages,


Good morning, I am new on Altair technologies. I want to buy a new computer, and I want to know what is the best hardware that I can buy. I have only one licence (so what I know, I can't do paralell computing), so what equipement do you recomend to me? My objective is to develop Hypermesh works and also Optiestruct and Simsolid Simulations (Linear and Non-linear, such as contacts, plasticity, etc.). Thank you very much for your attention.





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