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How to switch from electrical to thermal domain using Modelica?

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Dear Yubuchi-san,

being far away from a semiconductor expert, I had a short look at the corresponding package of the Modelica palette.

Short answer: yes, this is possible!

For some of the existing electrical components the heat port is already enabled (please, see screenshot below). In this case, the electrical power loss can be transferred into a thermal power (e.g. to heat up surrounding mechanical components).

This kind of conditional instantiation is also used for other electrical components, so it is useful to check their parameter dialogue.

If it is not existing for the components you are looking for, it can be added – as it is the case for self-defined ones.


Hope, this helps – best regards!



Dear experts,


Can Activate-Modelica compute heat generated by semiconductor device within an electrical circuit?



Minoru Yubuchi

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