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Hi AlexanderP


Check online HyperWorks help document and below shared documents to get started in scripting.


Below resources will help you get started with tcl/tk programming. 







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On 1/15/2019 at 1:55 PM, AlexanderP said:

Hi all
I'm new in hypermesh and scripting and interested in creating a mesh using scripts. 
Is it possible? Are there any ready-made scripts?


Hi Alexandar,


Hope you're doing good.


I am interested in hypermesh scripting via tcl/tk, but i don't know from where i need to start.


Initially one of my friend told me to learn the documentation in tcl official website. I had gone through the site and i didn't understand anything. Then I had tried via tutorial point website for online training and there the tutorial was looking like coding format, not in scripting format & that also failed for me.


Finally when am going through altair forum site, i saw your first post similar to where am standing now. Can you please guide me, how to start learning this tcl/tk language interms of scripting?


How you are learning this scripts?


Experienced peoples were telling to learn tcl/tk in available resources, but they were not telling how we need to start from a scratch interms of scripting?. So can you please help me in this.


Thanks in an advance.






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Hi Saravanan,

A quick way to learn after learning TCL language is to do a simple operation in hypermesh say creation of 10 nodes manually, then have a look at the commands written to command.tcl in the working directory (mostly mydocuments). then run those commands in the command window. After that automate the process using loops and procedures.  


Altair does organizes tcl and on-demand training , you can get in touch with your local Altair support team. 

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