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Internal FEKO Error when solving with HOBF

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I am trying to solve a sphere at 1 THz with higher order basis function (HOBF) but I received the error below. I have tried different order settings (Auto, 3.5, 2.5, ...) and they gave the same error. 

"ERROR   47169: Internal FEKO error. Please notify the FEKO support team and provide the error number, preferably together with the FEKO input and output files."


Does anyone know the cause of this error?

The input and output files are attached below. Any help would be much appreciated. 





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Hi Villcent


There was a bug with the triangle normal determination for curvilinear triangles with the release version of FEKO 2018.

It was fixed in updates to 2018.


To avoid the error, try a slightly larger mesh. Set a custom size of 1.5e-4.


Or don't use HOBF, but this will be more triangles - for RCS, you can easily get away with using the "Coarse" mesh setting. With the two planes of symmetry it should fit into memory on your system.


Else update your FEKO installation.

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