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You can get the top 1 using Selection Set.

Here is example.


set type "node"; #element or node#
set t [clock click];
hwi OpenStack;
hwi GetSessionHandle sess$t;
sess$t GetProjectHandle proj$t;
proj$t GetPageHandle page$t [proj$t GetActivePage];
page$t GetWindowHandle wind$t [page$t GetActiveWindow];
wind$t GetClientHandle clit$t;
clit$t GetModelHandle modl$t [clit$t GetActiveModel];
modl$t GetSelectionSetHandle set1$t [modl$t AddSelectionSet $type];
set1$t Add "contour top 1";
set1$t SetLabel "$type set top 1";
clit$t Draw;
tk_messageBox -message "Top1 $type ID = [set1$t GetList]";
hwi CloseStack;

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