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(Solved) Gap between HM-CFD and AcuConsole

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hello everyone!


I am using HM-CFD programs to do some simulation from AcuSolve.


While doing a transient simulation, i figured some GAP between HM-CFD and AcuConsole.


I have created a multiplier function on HM-CFD and assigned it to an inlet surface.

Then i export the .HM model file to an AcuConsole input file (.inp) to view on AcuConsole. 


But it seemed that Multiplier-Function-data i created is not appears on AcuConsole (or in .inp) file.


My version is 2018 (downloaded directly from Altair connect)


Does anyone know about this problem? it is because of me or some software bugs?


Appeciate every help. Thank you!


My HM model is attached. please view and export to .inp file.



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