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Rubber component meshing

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On 1/28/2019 at 8:55 AM, savesagan said:



There is no specific documents available to mesh rubber components.

only logic matters.

Please share me the picture of area,where you facing trouble?


Hi @savesagan,


This my component, that I need to do hexa mesh.




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this component is hard to hexa mesh if you don't have much experience. First, you should clean up the geometry (automatically by Geom>autocleanup and manually by F11) to suppress smaller unnecessary features (lines and points). The hardest part is partitioning the solid (geom>solid edit) to get mappable solids- thinking strategically where partitioning surfaces should be to get a nice mesh continuity throughout the component, starting from the most complex segment. Then the surfaces of partitioned solids are 2D automeshed paying attention to mesh transitions- this mesh is then used as a seed for 3D>Solid Map>general. 


As an alternative, you can go for tetra mesh or even solid shrinkwrap (see HM-3150: Meshing a Model Using Shrink Wrap).

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On 1/26/2019 at 3:59 PM, Dragon_heart said:

Dear All,


I am facing problem in capturing features while Hexa Meshing of rubber component.

Can anyone help in learning for rubber component Hexa meshing.


KIndly share if you have any files and documents.




Generally capturing all the features in the rubber component is very difficult one, due to its shape.

Mostly, for a rubber components... need to capture exactly the center of fillet or within fillet we need to maintain min.2 layers based on element size with respect to analysis engineer requirement.


Even sometimes we need to compromise the fillet itself for doing hexa-meshing.


If you need to capture all the features in the component, you can't execute the model through by hexameshing (Because of its nature and complex type in meshing). So kindly proceed via tetrameshing.


Kindly share your model with your requirements, i will try to help you in hexameshing.




Saravanan R

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