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3D Solid Material oriantation for MAT9ORT

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Hi Everyone,


I started playing with MAT9ORT cards to gain an ansight on how to work with this material type. However for this, I'll need to assign a normal direction to my solid, but I am struggling to do so. I am using Analysis -> System -> Material orientation and try to align it with a vector / y-axis, but it does not work. It just shows like this:


Please refer to the picture for details.

How would I prepare my solid for a MAT9ORT use?


Best Regards,




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Hi Rahul,


this unfortunately did not help it. I am using this dialog box to create a material orientation, but when I click apply nothing happens.



I select all Elements.

I use orientationmethod by curve

I choose a line

I click apply

and chaos ensues, just like before.



I have created a coordinate system uznnd tried to reference the vector using its 2-axis (y) an it just creates the same mess, although i looks differently.







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Okay, it kind of got solved.

For everyone who has thr same issue.

The System or the Mateial orientation dialog does NOT work for this. (2017.2)

However you can create a coordinate system und put it into the property as CORDM. Select "USER" and choose the coordinate system. The materila will orient itself around the X-axis.

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