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Hi guys. 


I'm new in MotionVIew. I was able to found the most of information, which I need for my job. But I was not able to found any information how to create SDF file.

I watched this video: SAE SUPRA: Multi Body Dynamic Simulation part 1, where the SDF output is shown. But there is no info how to setup it in MotionView. 


I need know displacement in one specific Joint, I know that this information is in PLT   file too. But I have too much data in PLT file and it's hard to checking one specific joint between so much data. 

Please, can you help me how to create SDF file like this one:



Or if I can have two separately PLT files (one for whole data and another for one joint only), it should be useful too. 


Thank you so much for any Information. 




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The SDF file is created by a custom user subroutine, and is specific to vehicle suspensions.  This is not quite what you want.  You could go this route, but would be overly complex.


A better approach would be to use the "TextView" client in HyperWorks, and some templex math to calculate your metrics.  There should be tutorials in our help that guide you if you search for "TextView" "Report Templates" and "Templex"



Chris Coker, Technical Manager - Altair

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