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Modelling Sandwich panels

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HI there


I have imported a 3D CAD model to HyperMesh that includes sandwich panels and I would like to ask the best way to mesh these? I have tried using a 3d mesh on the geometry to represent the core properties, and added a 2d mesh to the faces to represent the skin properties (created by using the 'find faces' tool). When I try and solve however, I get multiple 'Error 14: Missing Property # 4 referenced by CQUAD4 # x'

Searching on here, it appears that this is a problem with the 2d mesh on the 3d nesh, so a better way to represent the panels would be appreciated!

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check if you have applied a PSHELL property to the CQUAD4 element # x. If the element is not compatible with the property it throws this error. Also ensure that different types of elements (shells, solids)  are assigned to different components. 


Sandwich panel modeling approaches can be found in:


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Hi dears, 

I am doing midal analysis for sandwich with laminated face honeycomb core. 

For face Mat8 pcomg 2d

For core mat1 psolid 3d

Find face method


I am getting error message as following 



User fatal message 6440 (MODGM2) 

Element 2381 Refers to an invalid property entry 

User action : spespecify appropriate property entry 



Suggest where I am going wrong


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