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L Moretti

launching Activate in batch from Compose

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It's possible to launch Activate in batch from Compose and eventually get data back to Compose (for example .MAT file) once that Activate run.


In this way we can combine the key capabilities of Activate (easy-modeling of systems) and Compose (heavy Post-Processing)!

Look at this example!


Here is what you need to do:

1) change the extension from .txt to .bat

2) in the .bat file insert the right path of "Activate_batch.bat" and "Slave2019.scm " in your computer

3) Run "Master.oml"




Activate Batch.zip

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Hi Lorenzo,


Thanks for the cool example for combining Compose and Activate. Do you know a method to modify parameters in the Activate model from Compose?


For the case of an interactive working with the simulation model Andyer posted another interesting proposal in the Activate forum (running Activate in batch with OML file input- example and a few questions). As I understand it you can do similar things directly with the oml scripting in Activate.



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