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running Activate in batch with OML file input- example and a few questions

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Hello Activate friends,


I'm running through some tests/reviewing the docs to understand what is possible when running Activate in batch with an OML file as the input. (Activate_batch.bat -f file.oml)   Thanks, Hai, for the help with my first questions!


Attached is an example attached here which is working - I can run on command line and Activate creates a .csv file and I can set/get variables.  This is good. :)

For anyone interested to run this, there are comments within the attached .oml and some notes on how to get additional information (see run_interactive_oml_in_batch.oml).  This model was created/tested using Activate v2019.


I would like to clarify a few features to understand what is supported or not to see if anyone has suggestions/additional information.




1.   It appears that the OML "bde..." commands like are in some of the optimization examples in Chapter 6 of the "Extended Definitions..." documentation are not supported when calling Activate in batch (e.g., Activate_batch.bat -f name.oml, correct?  Not sure I need these yet, but was reviewing some of the other examples and initially I tried to use the "bde..." commands unsuccessfully.  Are there any other limitations for commands to be aware of?


2. If I would like to set Activate model variables, I can use the Model context to overwrite/reset variables this is done in the example attached here and described in the docs (Extended...Section: 6.4.1).  Alternatively, if I would like to set variable instead in Diagram Context, can this be done in batch?  Does anyone have an example of this?


3. The "Signal Out" block is used to get variables back from the Activate model to the OML script.  Are there any other methods to get variables back, e.g., is it possible to also use the "To Base" block?







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