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Missing graphics while exporting Inspire as mdl-file

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I'm playing around with the new demo models for Inspire and MotionSolve (https://altairhyperworks.com/motionsolve-models/) and export the model "Landing Gear - 4 Wheels" to MotionSolve. When I open the model (.mdl) in MotionView, the connections between graphics and the components in x_t-file are broken (no box checked in the Components list). Also the names of the componets are not the same as in x_t-file, otherwise I could restore the connections by name.


How can I avoid this problem?


Thanks for help,

Landing_Gear_4 wheels.mdl


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Inspecting the MDL file you provided there appears to be a mismatch between the part name and the internally represented name embedded in the CAD.  Think of it as being a 'mapping problem'.  This isn't your fault.  The attached 'LG_parts.txt' file shows what I believe the part mapping ought to be.


Try using the attached MDL and Parasolids file and see if that works out better for you.



Landing_Gear_4_wheels - Corrected.mdl



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Hi asajd,

Thanks for solving the mapping problem. With your files it now works fine. I just had to rename the file "Landing_Gear_4_wheels_x_t.8bbc17520c5a14e4688199a9da4b1a66" into Landing_Gear_4_wheels.x_t".


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