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Hello Everyone,


I urgently need your help. I have to do an optimisation of a B-Pillar which i have already simulated in Radioss according to 3 point Bending.


This was my first time with hyperstudy so i guess i did many thing wrong by defining output responces and contraints i guess.


The aim is to hold the intrusion level same and minimize the mass of the structure.


I would be really appriciated if someone could help me.


i ll post some screenshots here because somehow i cant save the hyperstudy file. Actually i can save but cant open again. It gives error.




I just added the size parameters. Shape parameters i will add them later when i understand how hyperstudy works exactly




After nominal run i tried to evalute the study




But i get this error :




Full folder is in the attachments. I need urgent help to finish master thesis.


Thanks in advance


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I am not very familiar with Hyperstudy but it looks like evaluate step failed to complete. 


Looking at the model you shared, the mass scaling is imposing too high timestep, leading to a lot of added mass. Mass error (DM/M) should be no more than 2% so 4.5e-007 is upper bound on allowable timestep. 


An unrelated issue is that upper and lower reinforcements share an edge but are not actually connected. If this is unintended correct this by equivalencing coincident node (F3 edges panel).


Try running the model attached



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2 hours ago, Ivan said:

turned off the RBODY/ON and adjusted timestep on DT/NODA/CST to 4.5e-007

Did it work in Hyperstudy?


Btw how to get the Von mises stress and strain on T01 file. I mean as engine cards? I wanna graph them too. Couldnt find them. Could you help me?

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we can get the Von Mises stress and strain shell output on T01 file with /TH/SHEL and /TH/SH3N ouputblock. Analysis>output block>elems and then set num variables>data var according to the desired output (see attached documents for codes)- DEF outputs all.


Note the following limitations of this approach:

-the output is defined for each element. this means we can plot time history for only one element at a time, not the highest values found in any element as we can do in Hyperview by Measures>Dynamic Minmax results>Max>create curves 

-output blocks are split by element type /TH/SHEL for quads  and /TH/SH3N for trias.



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9 hours ago, Rahul R said:

Can you also share the .hstx file of HyperStudy? Meanwhile you can refer attached tutorial.



Hello Rahul,


Thank you very much i ll definitely check it out.


First problem i solved and i understood why i cant save the model. I used a letter that doesnt exist in English alphabet lol. i changed it ran the radioss again and now i can save and work on it later.


I dont have any hstx file in the folder. I attached the hyperstudy related ones.


'7 Warning: The solver log file doesn't exist ( C:\Users\User\Desktop\Drawing\Hyperworks\Element 5\With Tension-Compression\Lower-Upper Reinforcement\Shaped\Edited\approaches\doe_1\run__00001\m_1\hwsolver.mesg )'


This error i get now so i cant evaluate and get any repsonses.



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