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Problem in FEA: Column is not buckling?

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Hi all,


I have a column in my model and it is not buckling in the FEA analysis, rather getting compressed. The load is being applied uniaxially with respect to the column.


Is there a way I can make the column buckle? In ABAQUS, we introduce imperfection in the column by deviating the geometry by a little bit based on buckling modes (scaled by 0.5 to 1%). I was wondering if we can do the same in Inspire since there is an option for buckling mode calculation during FE analysis.



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you can get a column to buckle by introducing imperfections in:


-loads (small off-axis load component)

However, I don't think non-linear buckling analysis can be done in Inspire because it uses a linear solver. It can be done using Optistruct or Radioss.


Actually, linear buckling analysis does not require imperfections, because a small displacement of a perturbed shape is assumed in each element that induces a stress-dependent stiffening effect:


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