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OBJ file material information lost on re-export

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I am trying to open an OBJ file and re-assign some of the materials to different bodies. However, when I save the file as OBJ again, all the bodies are applied a white colored material and the information from previous MTL file is lost. Also, the materials imported when the OBJ file is read, do not show up anywhere in the materials library or the material assignment window.


I am currently using Evolve 2016.2 on Windows 7 64-bit machine.


Thanks & regards,

V Sam

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Hi Sampath,


The material file written only takes into account the visual properties of the object. We do not support physical material export to obj format since it is almost impossible to convert an Evolve material to an .mtl format. 

However, the exported file when read back in should not default as you are seeing. This is a bug and we have lodged an issue with the translator dev team.


Apologies for the inconvenience.


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