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Geometric nonlinear - implicit

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Looking at the .out file it is not obvious what the issue is. It is difficult, if not impossible to debug without the model. Perhaps you can share it with Altair support team through secure dropbox or Altair Connect.


Theses topics had the same issue:

My best guess is first try to run without friction.  Then activate the nonlinear expert system to aid in the convergence of small displacement nonlinear problems with analysis>control cards>param>expernl>yes or CNTSTB. Description from Optistruct Help:




Activates a nonlinear "expert system" that aids in the convergence of small displacement nonlinear problems (NLSTAT). This version is designed to facilitate obtaining converged, high accuracy solutions without much concern for computational time. The system monitors the convergence of nonlinear processes and, if needed, implements measures designed to improve convergence for poorly converging cases. These measures include: performing additional iterations, under-relaxation, automatic adjustment of the load increment, as well as backing off to the last convergent solution and retrying. This may lead to a large number of nonlinear iterations for poorly converging problems.



Additionally introduces temporary stabilization on contact interfaces (CONTACT or GAP(G) elements) that may improve nonlinear convergence, especially in cases where individual parts lack full support and are supported only by contact. The stabilization is applied only during incremental loading and is not present in the final solution for the respective nonlinear subcase. (Refer to the CNTSTB Bulk Data Entry for default and priority information).


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FYI, Post HM 2017.2.4 relevant nlgeom loadstep panel have been removed.Change the analysis type to Nonlinear Quasi-Static(NLSTAT) from NLGEOM and add the below card



NLOAD is not valid in NLSTAT, you can directly apply enforced displacement through SPC/D card

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