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No Displacement and Less Stress Result after Simulation.

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Hi Everyone, 


I am working with Radioss. I use TYPE 7 contact for this model. I wanted to check whether my model is working regarding with displacement or stress result for my BCs. But after analysis result it shows nothing every displacement result is zero and low Stress (Can see animation in this link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jccvEqdd7xk5u3Zi_QyirAPrZYkpptGM). Before created this topic, I learnt RD-T3530 and RD-T3595. Can anyone take a look into my model whats wrong or what change I have to make. Thank you in advance.




Animation https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jccvEqdd7xk5u3Zi_QyirAPrZYkpptGM




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@Ivan I use contact Type 2 with Global contact Type 7. But the components are not connect. (Can see in picture and animation below)

I'm not sure about parameter in Type 2, how to choose slave node and master surface.

I would like to get advice about Type 2 parameter setting.

Thank you in advance.



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it is likely the dsearch parameter is too small so some slave nodes do not find their master surfaces. If 0 is entered, the search distance by default is computed from the average size of the master segment.


The following videos might help:


7.2_Type2 _Tied Interface - Altair


Learn HyperMesh RADIOSS Interface 2 Connections Spot Bolt RBODY Tied - Altair University


Please go through free ebook Introduction to Explicit Analysis using RADIOSS – A Study Guide - the chapter on tied contact is attached.


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