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Nitin Jain

Unable to generate Spot weld connection between Solid elements

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Hello Everyone,


I am trying to establish spot weld between Solid Hexa8N elements. I have tried to use 'plot', 'Type 2 spring' and 'HC Hexa' type. But in all the cases I am having following issues:


1) Type (Plot):   Simulation ran but solid elements were not connected

2) Type [Spring (Type 2)]:  Solver not able to identify the surface to create a spring elements.

3) Type HC Hexa: Contact interface defined by solver itself is not correct.

Apart from aforementioned problem I also want to give the max tensile strength of spot weld as as 40% of base material.


Thanks in advance.

Nitin Jain

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Hi Nitin Jain


The recommended element types in Radioss for spot weld creation are shell element.

Surface 1 and 2 for each solid spotweld should always connect with a shell element. If one surface of one solid spotweld is not connected with a shell element,

then the stiffness will not be computed correctly and an error may occur


Since you are having solid elements you have to create a shell coat and then connect using spots.

There are three different ways of modeling spotweld:

Node Connect
Spring (/PROP/TYPE13) Connect
Solid Connect

When you create a spot weld using type 2 spring,  by default you will get the (TYPE13 spring property + TYPE2 contact). 


In your case since you have to define max tensile strength of spot weld as 40% of the base material, then I recommend you use the solid connect method.

Here you can specify separate failure criteria.


This is explained in detail in the Radioss help documentation. Please have a look



Also, have a look at the Radioss example on solid spot weld creation.




I have shared the 2 example deck files, which is modeled using default spring contact and also solid connect. Check that too.

solid connect.zip


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Thanks @Pranav Hari and @Ivan,


I think making surface and then spot weld is time consuming process.

Moreover I request you to please teach me, if I connect the extracted surface with connector: then solids will be connected as well or it will connect only extracted surfaces.


Right now, I am trying to make the Seam weld connections (Hexa Tapered T type) but I am getting the distorted elements:



I am avoiding edge nodes for better results. But still some elements are not as desired.



Nitin Jain

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