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Link current source angle to rotor mechanical set angle

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I'm designing a motor in which I need to set the current angle to be +60º from the rotor angle.

At the moment I've created an I/O parameter (current_angle) to set the current source angle and then on the solving scenario I set both the rotor mechanical set position and this I/O parameter to compute different values. The issue with this mode is that it computes a lot of different values that I don't need, making the computation time extremely large.

Is there any way to just solve the motor when the current_angle=rotor_angle+90º ??


To clarify a bit:

rotor mechanical set position simulation values: 1,2,3....90

current_angle simulation values: 61,62,63...150


this gives 90*90 iterations = 8100

when I just need 90 iterations.


My Aplication is a Steady State AC Magnetic 2D.

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Hello Holo,


In fact, there exists an easy solution to this problem: you may define your second variable just as current_angle=rotor_angle+90. In this case, rotor_angle must be defined as "parameter controlled via scenario" and "current_angle" as "" (see image attached)




Then, just change rotor_angle in your parametric scenario: the value of current_angle will be recalculated automatically in each iteration.


Best regards

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Thank you for answering.


What you propose works but I had to use the parameter ANGPOS_MECHANICALSET_ROTOR to define the rotor angle. The mechanical set creates this parameter automatically and is the one that determines the rotor position.

I didn't find this info in the flux documentation and I think it's important:

When you create a mechanicalset of the type "Rotation around one axis" the angle is determined by a hidden parameter called ANGPOS_*, where * is the name of your mechanicalset.

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You are right. We need to add this information in Flux documentation.

About the parameter you need to use the formulas editor. To do it:

  • Create anew I/O parameter
  • Type of physical parameter: formula
  • Select the function f(). Flux open new window
  • Select tab mechanical set (the rotor is selected by default)
  • Select angular position


Hope this will help.

Best regards.

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