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Error importing shapefile

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I am now trying to import shapefile to a WallMan in order to build a 3D model for propagation computations. During the import i get an error




I can't figure out what exactly the programm doesn't want to except, because when I use another files, which have the same structure it works... Can please someone explain to me what the shapefile should contain in order to be succesfully import to WallMan?


The shapefiles I also add for you:

- the first one (file1) is the actual file I have and need to use (contains more information)

- the second one (file2) is the one I have downloaded from the internet, looks simpler and still does not work well

- the third (file3) was again downloaded from the internet but for some strange reason sucessfully imported by WallMan


Best Regards,






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the shapefile should contain the buildings as closed polygons. The polygon should not intersect itself, which means that the sequence of corners is not correct.

According to the error message shown from your side this seems be to the reason why the building cannot be imported.


If possible we recommend to use the MapInfo format for import in WallMan.

But the shapefile format will also work if the buildings are defined correctly.


Best regards

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Hi Reinerh ,



Your  explanations and technical suggestion are very  useful  

in continuation to failure of using shape files for converting to  Urban database using vector database ( shape file) ,I would like to ask few things


1)  I am using " convert to region " format MapInfo file  still conversion results are saying " ERROR : Wall defined with one line only"

2) I try using solid Polygon file converted to Shape file using QGIS , still same problem


Though with same shape file, I am able to extrude 3D Building map using Arcscene .


Please suggest how to check the problem with shape file and to how to resolve


Help would be highly appreciated









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