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Pixel Database greyedout

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can someone help me to create an Urban Database, based on a scanned map data (as described in WallMan manual)?


Since I can't create a database from a shapefile, I have decided to do it in another way: "Convert Urban Database from Scanned Map Data". For this, I have opened the shapefiles in QGIS and saved a black/white image without any unwanted parts.


I first create an empty Urban Database and choose "Draw manually". Then I go to File / Convert Urban Database / Pixel Database and it's grey and NOT clickable...

I have found previously that in order to a Preprocessing for a Database, you need to close it, then open again as a new project and only then you will be able to do preprocessing:


I was wondering, maybe it is the same thing here? I can't really figure out how ...

Any comments much appreciated!


Best regards,

Yaroslav Smalko



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in order to create a urban building database based on a scanned bitmap please select the following options after File => New Database:


Next there will be a dialogue to enter the UTM zone (e.g. 32 for Germany) and then another dialogue will allow to load the bitmap.

The detailed steps are described in the WallMan manual chapter 3.4.4.


Alternatively to the manual drawing based on  imported bitmap you might try to use another format for the import, e.g. MapInfo or DXF/DWG if QGIS allows you to save the building data in one of these formats which are also supported by WallMan.


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thank you for your answer.


As long as I understand, the method you suggest me to us requires to draw the buildings manually and this is not what I am looking for. I need to run a simulation for the whole city and drawing the buildings (even using bitmap in bakcground) will take it forever...


I was actually looking for a method, that i described in WallMan manual in 3.4.3 Convert Urban Database from Scanned Map Data. If my understanding is correct I only need to upload a scanned map image (which I get as png from QGIS) and the Pixel Converter will do everything for me. The quiestion is "how to do it" when Pixel Convertor is greyedout?



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