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Exporting colors from one flux project to another

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Is there a way to export the custom defined colors from one Flux2D file to another. This would save time by not requiring to re-do it again in a new project.

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You can do it by following the next steps:

 - open Flux project

 - in the tree on the left click on [Tools] [Colors] (in fact on the cross in front of the menu) to open the menu with colors

 - click on one color (or more than one, using the CTRL keyboard function to add colors in the same list) (I would recommend to select only NEW colors)

 - then right click

 - then select [Python export]

 - give a name inthe [pyton file] part, for instance colors

 - click on the [OK] button

 - close your current Flux project

 - open the Flux project where you want to import your new colors

 - select the menu [Project] [Command file] [execute in direct mode]

 - select the python file you have generated (for instance colors.py)

 - it will generate your new colors (note: there will be an error if the name of the color is already defined)


I hope it will work on your side.


Another way to do it one by one is the following:

 - select your color in the tree on the left

 - right click

 - selelct [Display PyFlux command]

 - it will display the command to generate the color in the [output] window

 - copy the command (for instance





 - then open your second Flux project where you want to create this color

 - paste the lines in the [PyFlux Command] window

 - click on the green arrow on the left

 - it will execute the pyFlux command, and generate this color (without error if the name does not exist yet)


I hope it will help.




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