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Toggle selection type to "Elements" from "Component"

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I am trying to code a custom vonMises stress result.

I am unable to change the selection type from component to elements (image below)





Below the code i used:


hwi GetSessionHandle sess
sess GetProjectHandle proj
proj GetPageHandle page1 [proj GetActivePage ]
page1 GetWindowHandle win1 [page1 GetActiveWindow]
win1 GetClientHandle po1
po1 GetModelHandle mo1 [po1 GetActiveModel ]
mo1 GetResultCtrlHandle res
res GetContourCtrlHandle contour_ctrl

contour_ctrl SetEnableState true
po1 SetDisplayOptions "contour" true
po1 SetDisplayOptions "legend" true

contour_ctrl SetDataType "Stress"
contour_ctrl SetDataComponent node "vonMises"
contour_ctrl SetShellLayer "max"
contour_ctrl SetCornerDataEnabled true
contour_ctrl SetAverageMode "Advanced"
contour_ctrl SetAvgAcrossPartsEnable true


I have spent hours of searching for changing the type of selection in console with APIs. Can anyone help?


Thanks in advance

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Hi Roche,


You will have to use selectionsets to show only the elements needed on the screen, then apply contour and get results from the contour. Search AddSelectionSet, SetSelectionSet, 

model_handle AddSelectionSet type

Examples using selectionset are already addressed in this forum. 

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